Buildings and Construction Photo Gallery

2016gift shop construction.jpg
Administrators house.jpeg
Benny Williams working on parking lot bathroom 2016.jpg
Brownwood Dorm.jpg
Floyd Spradley - garden construction (2).jpg
Gate entrance - Copy.jpeg
Pond construction2017.jpg
Village building moving 2019.jpg
basketball court demolition 2014.jpg
construction of the Hammons Auditorium.jpg
demolition of Comanche dorm (old concession)2016.jpg
dining hall deck - Doil Hammons, Floyd Spradley & others (3).jpg
new dock construction 2011.jpg
new pond dock 2017.jpg
new pond filling 2017.jpg
pool painting 2012-FBC Stephenville.jpg
pouring the slab for rec pavilion 2014.jpg
rec pavilion construction 2014.jpg
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